Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Chanced up upon my blog and realised more people viewed my blog than what i expected. I really thought no one is gonna view this dead blog ever again, but i was actually kind of surprised! So maybe i should blog more often again?
Lately i've been mixing into this Chinese Society a bit too much, so maybe blogging again will help me improve my english by a little hopefully! BUT EXCUSE MY SHITTY ENGLISH! And just enjoy reading my blog maybe? :) Thanks mwuahh!
But i realised nowadays people are actually blogging less and less right? Since theres something call Instagram. Well cause i looked through my friend list and seems like all my friends haven't been updating their blogs either!
Well but the thing is, every time i told myself to blog more often, the usually thing is, it never actually turn up that way. HAHA! Turned up that the next blog post appeared six months later D; Sorry for not keeping promises!
Well i hope i will post up another blog post soon somewhere this month kay! I LOVE YOU TO EVERYONE THAT ARE STILL READING THIS BLOG mwuah mwuah mwuahhhh! x

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A flight to your heart

Arrived in sibu for one week or so! Didn't really take many pics because it's troublesome and heavy to bring a big ass DSLR around. So i guess most of the photos i took back in sibu are just photos of my own face =X hopefully, i will get chances to take more photos and upload it on my blog soon! And that last pic of my bleached ends are probably gonna get chopped off soon! Byebye dead hair. Anyways, happy holiday everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying your holiday as much as i do! wooohooooo ;D

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Raging session

I know writing such post on my blog is probably not a good idea, and i might hate myself tomorrow for posting such an annoying girly broken hearted princessy shit but i desperately need to released my feeling onto something. Since i know maybe telling someone about my relationship problems again and again will probably just annoyed the shit out of them. Im really not in the mood! Not happy! What the hell have gone wrong? It started off so perfect, like always. Then there is always just one random day that he will go cold on you. And you will think, maybe tomorrow will be better. But guess what, it never got better. It will only become worse and worse! Why does this kind of thing always happen to me? Giving all my heart in and always ended up with a broken heart? Is it my problem or what? I always tried my best to be the bestest possible girlfriend. Doing whatever you want me to do. Maybe I'm too attached? Maybe it's my fault to care too much.

I remembered how much you used to care. I remember you told me to never go clubbing, not to have guy friends and never even step out the house cause the world outside is too scary. I remembered i used to hate it cause i thought you were such a control freak. I remembered i complaint about it. But you told me ''you better be glad because i still care. One day when i dont control you, that's when you should be worried.'' Therefore, i listened to you. Stayed home and be the perfect girlfriend you wanted me to be. Never dare to break any rules that you set for me. But all of a sudden, you just changed. I mean like 180 degree. Totally different. You dont care no more.

You changed. We use to text 24/7 and talk on the phone every night for hours before we fall asleep. Slowly, it just gets less and less once you went back to your exciting life. The calls get so much lesser. If i am lucky enough, i will end up with one phone call per week that goes on for 10mins max. Then you told me you hate texting. Like, how come i didnt even know this before?? How come after we dated for half a year and u told me you hate texting? Distance and lack of communication? Not a very good combination.

And I'm so jealous of you. You're having fun with your life. Clubbing and getting drunk every night with billion of (girl) friends surrounded around you. I am just the silly one that still hold on to my phone every night hoping for a chance to a least be lucky enough to get a call from you that night. Being used to having you in my life not such a good thing after all.

I tried every way to get your heart back. I yelled, i cried, i kept quiet, i did anything possible. Nothing worked. I told myself, it must have been the distance. Few more days, i'll be seeing you. Just be patient. You know, when you have hopes, there will always be disappointments. Yes, thats right. Saw him in real life. Felt completely different. He's no longer the guy that i first fall in love with. The way he treats me, was no way near like before. It was like 80% more silence and 90% less laughters. I was really heart broken. Weird.. Most of the time, we just stayed quiet. Nothing to say. Somewhat awkward.

Crazy thinking back to the beginning, it could be sooo sweet that i can go all out of my mind. Believed anything that you said, everything you did. You told me to trust you and feel safe to give my whole heart to you. You told me that changing girlfriends are tiring, so might as well just stay with one for a very very long time. I believed you. I made you promised to never break my heart. Promises...... you're cruel.

Actually, it's the time thats cruel. It made you see things so clear. See how people changes. I just beg for that one person to appear in my life that will never ever break my heart. Seems stupid, but after so many times of heart breaking lessons, i still believe in love. Actually, love seems so unreal. They change quick, like way too quick. Quicker than anything. Starting to understand why some girls rather stay materialistic than finding a guy that she loves. Cause at least things lasts longer than love right? 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


YAY! IT'S ME! Finally 18! wooohoooo, actually it has nothing to be so excited about. But being 18 means no more sneaking into clubs and lalalala to all the illegal stuff! Finally legall! :D so today, i thought it would be a very very lucky day and went to buy the first lotto ever in my life. I guess there is no luck for me today! How depressing, didnt even get a single number matched up the same as the results! :(

Anyways, i had a very very awesome day celebrating my birthday! Everything was just sooo good except for the weight gaining part! How much do i wish i could just eat all i want and not gain weight! Is that even possible? LOL i just love food so much and obviously im fat enough already! So, sorry body! :( My birthday wish is that i could eat and still stay skinny forever! Please come trueeeeeeee my wishhh! :D hehehehhe.

Now that the fun its over, its gonna be a super super busy week! There will only be work work work this week! But it's okay, IM GOING BACK TO SIBU IN 1 WEEK! That means seeing that special someone that i've been missing for a very very long time! Somewhat excited! :) I guess, when you're busy, time flies even faster right? Sooooooooo pleaseeee, i wish that time could pass a little quicker cause i really cant wait! :D

Okay, bedtime now! I had such a great time today though, actually i kind of not wanting this day to end! Im so glad that there are some really really awesome people in my life! There are just that few people that have been celebrating many many of my birthdays together already! I really love you guys! Super glad these people even exist in my life! :D And lastly, i shall wish myself happy birthday! So, happy 18th birthday Cynthia, hope you'll stay happy everyday for the rest of your life! :D  hehehehe

Goodnight people! :) xoxo

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I'm back

Hai hai blog! when was the last time i came on blogging? About 5 months ago? LOL sorry for the long long disappear. I've been busy with my life.... Okay, i lied. Ive been incredibly lazy. Staying home everyday doing nothing besides gaining that extra bit of fat on my thighs.

So uni started, then work started. Unlike most people, some how they have ways to get their life so balanced. I have no idea how they do it? Like how could they be all smart and socialise-able, as well as having enough time to do a part time job. HOW?

But me? Since that last time i got too stressed out, i kind of stop wanting to go uni and work. All i ever want to do is stay in my bed and watch some asian drama. So i used to work around 25 hours per week until the 8 hours per week now. And also, i basically skipped all my lectures ever since the semester started. What happened to me?

I need to find a way to get back on track with my life somehow. Gonna go on a long long holiday back to malaysia and just relax myself. Hopefully that will bring me back to normal again!

I also just bought a new macbook air! So that means easier access to blogspot therefore more blogging? :D nahh, probably means more catching up on my ilectures! Have fun with life cynthia :( 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Whoaaaaa, time flies D: I swear April 2011 wasn't even that long ago, but just in a few blinks, April 2012 already came and hit me in my face. Haih, soon im gonna turn 18, and maybe before i even know it, i'll be turning 50 with a wrinkly face, oh FML. Anyways, just trying to look a little younger so i got my fringe cut again, lol. But those bangs make my face look even chubbier than before, but hey i'll just call them the 'baby fat face' just to make myself feel a bit better and younger okay? lol
Oh yeah and i bought a cactus today (second picture below), super cute right? LOL new commitment, my baby plant. I know it's nearly impossible to kill a cactus but i hope i wont kill it so soon!
Anyways, here are some photos from march! :) and happy 01/04/2011 everyone :D