Saturday, 30 July 2011

Collecting your jar of hearts.

Credits: Eejea L. (Thanks for these awesome pictures)
I went through the laptop and found some pictures that i haven't really put on fb before. And its a little weird to fb them now since ball was like nearly 4 months ago. I really wanna update my blog lately but i have no new pictures because im really not in the mood of taking any pictures of myself or any other things right now, so i will just post some older ball photos on here since no one seen them before. Enjoy! Mwuahhh xx


  1. wo de xiao thia thia you look awesome!!:)<3
    stay pretty!!!:)

  2. ling ling~ thank youu <3
    you stay pretty as well! havent seen you for so long! im sure you will suprise me with a new look when i see you next! ;)

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  4. nice photos cynthia! love especially the one taken at the roadside :)