Friday, 5 August 2011

I will blow you kisses from miles away

School started 2 weeks ago and i'm still totally in my holiday mood. Mocks are in another 6 weeks and i still haven't really started revising or anything. I really need someone to motivate me but i guess there is just too much going on right now so i keep finding myself excuses. Mother is still at the far, far away London doing her shopping at the moment i assume. And i really miss her. I guess i got the freedom i always wanted but i don't need it at times like this. Shit's been happening; endless dramas and mood swings. And it seems like i am not putting my studies as the first priority right now which i am suppose to because the next 3 months are just so important for all the year 12s. I really need to put those unimportant, small matters aside and focus on my studies for now. So mother, come back and yell at me already. That's what i need right now trust me, but anyways, hope you enjoy the rest of your trip for now. I love you xx

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