Sunday, 18 September 2011

I like my beats fast and my bass down low

Hohoho, it's been a super busy week! My first mock exam is on Wednesday and no, i wasn't busy studying or anything, more like i was busy enjoying myself D: lol There were just too many events going on, and since i am a SUPER un-organised person, i actually haven't got any studies done! And also, i've just noticed that my blog is where i could post all the camwhore photos, since i don't wanna spam my facebook with like 'similar looking' camwhore pictures! LOL, so you readers get all the 'similar looking' camwhore photos :)

Alright, so on monday, we celebrated moon cake festival. Papa bought some mooncakes from malaysia! And tadahhhh, look at the pretty boxes of mooncakes :) Mother cooked A LOT that day and the left overs were enough to feed our whole family for the next few days. And we also had a bbq after the dinner! We were such fatties ;)

On the same night, we made a birthday suprise for my brother. Funny that he was complaining about how no one really cares about his birthday since he was told that there will be no presents or cakes or whatsoever for him. Okay, but that was part of our plan. So before 12am, the gf came over to suprise him, but guess what? This 'main character' went to sleep at 11: 40pm. HAHAHAHA, that was a fail. And it was such a pain to wake him up. So we stood outside the house with an ice-cream cake with the candles on for about 20 mins. And obviously, it was like half melted =.= So at the end, this 'main character' finally got out from the house with his sleeepiest bed face and a pillow. He blurred out and didn't know what to do when he first saw us, but i'm pretty sure he was a happiest kid that night!

The pillow and the sleep face hohohohoho

Their cute ass couple photos at Hyatt Hotel

We also end up making him this cheese cake. It's not perfect. But hey who cares, it's the thoughts that counts! :)

I think im gonna end this with some random photos again! Oh yeah, and i am attending a wedding tonight, so hopefully i can be bother taking some photos for tonight and maybe that will be my next blog post! :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

C'est La Vie

Credits: Kevin Y.
It's a nice Sunday morning so i went for a photo shoot. Here are the pictures. And also, i made a LOOKBOOK account and i posted my first look there!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


I had been really busy with school lately, and i know i haven't been blogging for the past 4 weeks. And there, we have a new member in our family and we name her Taro. She is a Poodle cross Shih Tsu breed. We were actually gonna name her after Talking Gina The Giraffe but someone thought maybe we shouldn't since we've already name our giraffe Gina. So after naming her with like 20 different names, i came up with Taro.
So yeah, these are just some random photos i took today since i just got my Canon 60D yesterday! -happy- And yes, i know i don't take good photos, so don't complain about how bad the photos are because i am still learning. And also don't eww at the 'no make up Saturday morning' face please D: