Friday, 18 November 2011


I just graduated high school tonight so i'm officially not a high school kid anymore. Having mix feelings, don't really know if i should be happy or sad right now. I should be happy because there's no more school, like ever. But when you think about it, no matter how much you hated going to school, once its over, you will miss it like crazy. You will miss everyone that you met at school, miss seeing them every single day, miss all the crazy laughs, miss all the good/bad times you've been through in high school and definitely miss wearing that uniform which you once thought was ugly.

Okay, so there's some photos from tonight, and obviously my dad wasn't such a great photographer and most of the photos were over exposed. Lesson learnt, don't let your parents play with your DSLR when there's an important occasion, if not you will end up with no good pictures you could keep! LOL remember to just give them a digital camera next time. But thanks daddy for the photos anyways :D

Can't see shit? neither can I =/ lol and yeah, he didnt really took any other photos beside these one when i was on the stage. I was actually super nervous la, it's been 21398713294872 years since ive been on a stage with that many audiences. And the last time that ive been on a proper stage was when i was still young and fearless, its probably one of those time when i did my ballet performances or something haha 

Yay, i've also got an award today! And no, im not brainy enough to be the top student for chemistry or maths or whatever. But i manage to get an award for a 'angmo' course, i was pretty glad but probably not good enough for the asian parents. 
Hey at least i can cook okay? I will be a good wife in the future that can make my husband sandwiches everyday. LOL

 And i got this gift voucher together with my certificate. I heard someone said that it's a 50dollars voucher, so i was excited. I was all like yayayayayayay moneyyyyyyy ;)

But it turn out to be this '50 dollars voucher', and i was some what disappointed. WTF, I DONT WANNA BUY BOOOKS! I JUST GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL! >< how much i wished that it was a 50 dollars voucher from myer or something.

This uniform will be a history! So gonna do my last camwhore with my very awkward face :D 
okay, cbb writing anymore! It's 2:35am, off to bed now! gooodnight everyone! xoxo

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