Monday, 21 November 2011

Happy 17th Birthday part 2

Today was AMAZINGLY fun! It was such a great day! FIRST THE BIGGEST THANK YOU GOES TO JORDAN HUANG! Putting all this effort in and made a surprise party for me! I have no idea how many times i said 'awwwwwwwwww' today. And i was sooooo amazed that how well people are at hiding themselves or hiding the presents. 

Today i met some of my friends at the train station and for some reasons, people are just saying happy birthday and stuff and saying sorry for not bringing a present. And i was like 'HUH? Thank you and lalalala its okay laaaaa, why so worry?' LOL But then really i was like why is everyone saying this to me when its not really my birthday YET! I got phone calls from the 2 prettiest girls today, that were 'supposed' to come to this outing saying 'sorry they couldnt make it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY'. See, more birthday wishes! Suspicious huh?

So i suspected a surprise party from Jordan again since he did one for me last year! <3<3 So while i was having lunch, i whispered to Chen Nee and was like 'hey, is jordan doing something for me? Why is everyone saying happy birthday to me?' And she replied: 'nah, he said it was a farwell party, and people are probably saying this because of your BIRTHDAY blog post from last night!' So i thought it was fair enough so i didnt really thought about it anymore.

After lunch and we went to karaoke, asked for a room and while we were waiting for the staff to set up the room, the 2 prettirest girls that rang me in the morning saying they couldn't make it just turn up out of no where looking extremely gorgeoussssss! And i was like 'HUH? I THOUGHT YOU COULDNT MAKE IT?' But the truth was they've been around me the whole and I DID NOT REALISED AT ALL UNTIL THEN! They were supposed to surprise me! [SURPRISE NO.1]
(pretty amazed at how well people could hide themselves right? or maybe should just blame me for being too blind)

So karaoke started off like normal, people singing while some of the girls are posing for pictures! But some of the guys went disappear again (esp the guy that organised this event, Jordan). Suspicious huh? Didnt really think much, keep on having fun! :D The moment he came back, was with a cake with a cute little candle on it <3 [SURPRISE NO.2] I awwwwwwwww-ed! Speechless but happpy! LIKE REALLY HAPPY! haha and then out of NO WHERE people start pulling out presents for me. AWWWWWWWWWWWW-ed some more [SURPRISE NO.3] This is why i said people are really good at hiding stuff. How come i didnt see anyone with any of these things around before? Or issit me again for being too blind? :O lol

Okay, so basically we sang, drank and got drunk. LOL walking around the city doing stupid shit! And have the boys walking me home at last! hehehe, anyways enough talking! Theres some pictures from today. No actually, its not just some, but enjoy them anyways! :D


i found this picture interesting HAHAHAH chenneeee you seem very interested ho HAHAHA

 hugs from michael!

And im still happy-ing about the suprise but no one really cared anymore! HAHAHAHA

And dancing to single ladies turn out to be something like this! HAHAAHAHAHHAHAA

happiness of looking at presents! :D



 Full set mac make-up from JORDAN HUANG! Thank youuuu <3 LOVE IT!

YSL pink lipstick from YOUDAN CAO! LOVE IT TOO <3 hello at the kissable pink lips now ;)

Cute-ass play boy perfume from YANG LIU and JEREMY BRUNET. Smell super nice tooo <3

 Handmade love heart chocolate from YOONAH IM<3 i think you deserve the hospitality award more than i do! I am serious! haha

Presents from COLEEN AND JULIE<3 soooo pretty and pearly! And a little sneak peak on colleen's love letter hohoho

Thanks for everything my dearest loversssss<3 I know i might not be a great friend but i swear ALL of you are the greatest friend to me! You all mean sooooooo much too me and i will miss going to highschool with you all :( Hope we could all stay friends for a VERY VERY long time and i love you all! <3<3 x

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