Friday, 11 November 2011


You like my pedo face? ;)

Exams are finally over and the holiday just officially started for me! YAY :D Life's been pretty great so far. I get to sleep in, go shopping, hang with my friends and do all this things that i missed out this year because of the exams. Yesterday i finally met Chen Nee, it felt like 102938071289371 years since we last talk to each other properly! It was great fun! Sitting in Dae Jang Kum for nearly 2 hours just gossiping about every little thing while munching on the Korean food, hehehe. Then we went off to do lots of cheap shopping! But at the end of the day, we realised that we haven't actually camwhore at all yet (which is soooooooo not us, because all asian girls camwhore right?)

See how much asian girls camwhore?

Still not scary enough?
Yup that's me! HAHAHAHA, okay so maybe i should not stereotyped that all asian girls are like this, but im sure most of the asian girls do camwhore. But i can also say, none of them will camwhore as much as i do 
Just a little too vain aren't you, cynthia? 

Also, i do not use an iphone, so this is my brother's iphone, and i think he MUST be a little sick looking at my face now, because i just casually rape his photo album with my photos! hahaha, no wonder he wants to set a password on his phone right now. Oh well, he still loves me :D ( i know you are reading kevin, you love me right? <3 hohoho)

Lets end this with another camwhore photo from yesterday! :D Hope everyone is having a good holiday <3 x

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