Thursday, 23 February 2012

How well do you know Cynthia?

So i got really bored and was thinking what to blog about and yeah decided to challenge myself with this. It takes forever to even think of 50 facts, and i was actually thinking of writing 100 facts. Uhh i guess i just dont know myself that well D: But anyways, here you go, 50 random things about me :)

50 facts about me
1. I camwhore too much. LOL
2. My dream is to marry a white guy in the future so i could make pretty Eurasian babies.
3. I love horror movies.
4. I'm the youngest kid in the family.
5. My star sign is Sagittarius.
6. I still don't really know how to pronounce 'Sagittarius' =/
7. My birthday is on the exact same day as my mother's.
8.I have 6 piercings on me.
9. I am only 160cm tall.
10. I haven't grew any taller since 13!
11. My first taste of alcohol was at the age of 6.
12. I have to 'facebook' before bed or i will find it hard to sleep.
13. I love talking on the phone until late night while lying on the bed with the lights off.
14. I have a thing for pink underwear.
15. I can speak 3 languages QUITE fluently.
16. I've been to 10 different countries(that im old enough to remember).
17. I am the very clingy type of girlfriend.
18. I used to drink around 3-5 glass of milk per day because i thought it could make me grow taller.
19. Apparently, drinking 'those' milk didn't make me any taller.
20. My shoes size is 7/8.
21. The next country on my 'to visit' list is Korea.
22. I did ballet for 4 years when i was still a kid.
23. I got my P licence early this January but i STILL don't know how to drive safely.
24. I did not bribe the driving inspector, i swear.
25. I love baking cakes and cookies just that i never can be bother.
26. The first time i sneak into a club was at 13.
27. I am more like a summer person than a winter person.
28. I love cheese cakes.
29. I used to shave my baby hair cause i think it's ugly.
30. I was that typical girly kid that used to steal my mum's lipstick when she wasnt looking.
31. I always wanted a tragus piercing but never had a chance to get it.
32. I miss eating caramel popcorn in the movies instead of the salty type that we get in Australia.
33. When something happen, i usually think of the negative side first.
34. My face looks kind of angry in that second picture above.
35. I have only 1 dimple on my right cheek.
36. I tend to dwell on my past too much.
37. I don't believe in such thing call forever love.
38. Karaoke-ing with alcohol always have a crying ending for me.
39. I usually spent most of my sleepless night on fb stalking the person i misses the most.
40. I love japanese food and sushi is love <3
41. When listening to a particular song made me tear, i will put it on replay and cry my lungs out.
42. Sometimes i wish time could slow down a little.
43. I was once obsessed with playing badminton.
44. I sing 24/7, everywhere and anytime .
45. It's been the 6297th day since my first ever cry.
46. In such an 'apple-fied' world, im still using a crappy Nokia E71.
47. I always wanted waist length hair but my hair never get the chance to survive until then.
48. I am obsessed with tetris battle, could stay up all night playing it.
49. Somtimes i do wish time machine really exist.
50. I was gonna do a 100 facts about me instead of 50, but i totally ran out of ideas already D: lol

Thursday, 16 February 2012



对,也许有一种朋友会! 就是你们口口声声说‘只是朋友’的那一种。






Wednesday, 15 February 2012



So i went to japan early in January this year. It was a VERY tiring and cold trip but it was totally worth the experience. Japan was just simply such a nice and pretty place. Everyone there was crazily polite, and it seems like they will never say 'NO' to you/get angry at you or whatsoever. How niceee...

Uhmm, we also celebrated our Chinese new year there this year. But it was somewhat lonely since i saw all these pictures on facebook showing how much fun people were having in Malaysia for Chinese new year -jealous-. We did went out for dinner and stuff though on the chinese new year eve and did dress ourselves up prettily the next day. So in general, my Chinese new year turned out pretty well (Y) Not GREATT, but well...... you know lol.

And also, if you havent realised, i got a new banner up there!^ Actually, i wouldnt call that a banner. Its just another camwhore pic of mine LOLOLOL sorry, im just a little lazy to do fancy designs to my blog. Or maybe i just don't know how to do those fancy designs to my blog hahaha i make too many excuses in life sometimes. Anyways, off to bed now! Goodnight to all you cuties <3

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hello Sibu :D

So i just came back from a 2 months holiday! So so much happened during this short ass 2 months. Usually 2 months felt like forever during the school days. But you know, time flies when you're having fun! I really miss Sibu and the people in it right now! Thanks to every single one of you that made this holiday especially fun for me :) Cant wait till the next time when i can see you all again!

I think i will be posting some of the pictures from Japan in the next blog post! If not this blog post will be overloaded with pictures! Even though this blog post is already a bit picture overloaded! hahaha