Thursday, 23 February 2012

How well do you know Cynthia?

So i got really bored and was thinking what to blog about and yeah decided to challenge myself with this. It takes forever to even think of 50 facts, and i was actually thinking of writing 100 facts. Uhh i guess i just dont know myself that well D: But anyways, here you go, 50 random things about me :)

50 facts about me
1. I camwhore too much. LOL
2. My dream is to marry a white guy in the future so i could make pretty Eurasian babies.
3. I love horror movies.
4. I'm the youngest kid in the family.
5. My star sign is Sagittarius.
6. I still don't really know how to pronounce 'Sagittarius' =/
7. My birthday is on the exact same day as my mother's.
8.I have 6 piercings on me.
9. I am only 160cm tall.
10. I haven't grew any taller since 13!
11. My first taste of alcohol was at the age of 6.
12. I have to 'facebook' before bed or i will find it hard to sleep.
13. I love talking on the phone until late night while lying on the bed with the lights off.
14. I have a thing for pink underwear.
15. I can speak 3 languages QUITE fluently.
16. I've been to 10 different countries(that im old enough to remember).
17. I am the very clingy type of girlfriend.
18. I used to drink around 3-5 glass of milk per day because i thought it could make me grow taller.
19. Apparently, drinking 'those' milk didn't make me any taller.
20. My shoes size is 7/8.
21. The next country on my 'to visit' list is Korea.
22. I did ballet for 4 years when i was still a kid.
23. I got my P licence early this January but i STILL don't know how to drive safely.
24. I did not bribe the driving inspector, i swear.
25. I love baking cakes and cookies just that i never can be bother.
26. The first time i sneak into a club was at 13.
27. I am more like a summer person than a winter person.
28. I love cheese cakes.
29. I used to shave my baby hair cause i think it's ugly.
30. I was that typical girly kid that used to steal my mum's lipstick when she wasnt looking.
31. I always wanted a tragus piercing but never had a chance to get it.
32. I miss eating caramel popcorn in the movies instead of the salty type that we get in Australia.
33. When something happen, i usually think of the negative side first.
34. My face looks kind of angry in that second picture above.
35. I have only 1 dimple on my right cheek.
36. I tend to dwell on my past too much.
37. I don't believe in such thing call forever love.
38. Karaoke-ing with alcohol always have a crying ending for me.
39. I usually spent most of my sleepless night on fb stalking the person i misses the most.
40. I love japanese food and sushi is love <3
41. When listening to a particular song made me tear, i will put it on replay and cry my lungs out.
42. Sometimes i wish time could slow down a little.
43. I was once obsessed with playing badminton.
44. I sing 24/7, everywhere and anytime .
45. It's been the 6297th day since my first ever cry.
46. In such an 'apple-fied' world, im still using a crappy Nokia E71.
47. I always wanted waist length hair but my hair never get the chance to survive until then.
48. I am obsessed with tetris battle, could stay up all night playing it.
49. Somtimes i do wish time machine really exist.
50. I was gonna do a 100 facts about me instead of 50, but i totally ran out of ideas already D: lol

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