Sunday, 1 April 2012


Whoaaaaa, time flies D: I swear April 2011 wasn't even that long ago, but just in a few blinks, April 2012 already came and hit me in my face. Haih, soon im gonna turn 18, and maybe before i even know it, i'll be turning 50 with a wrinkly face, oh FML. Anyways, just trying to look a little younger so i got my fringe cut again, lol. But those bangs make my face look even chubbier than before, but hey i'll just call them the 'baby fat face' just to make myself feel a bit better and younger okay? lol
Oh yeah and i bought a cactus today (second picture below), super cute right? LOL new commitment, my baby plant. I know it's nearly impossible to kill a cactus but i hope i wont kill it so soon!
Anyways, here are some photos from march! :) and happy 01/04/2011 everyone :D

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