Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I'm back

Hai hai blog! when was the last time i came on blogging? About 5 months ago? LOL sorry for the long long disappear. I've been busy with my life.... Okay, i lied. Ive been incredibly lazy. Staying home everyday doing nothing besides gaining that extra bit of fat on my thighs.

So uni started, then work started. Unlike most people, some how they have ways to get their life so balanced. I have no idea how they do it? Like how could they be all smart and socialise-able, as well as having enough time to do a part time job. HOW?

But me? Since that last time i got too stressed out, i kind of stop wanting to go uni and work. All i ever want to do is stay in my bed and watch some asian drama. So i used to work around 25 hours per week until the 8 hours per week now. And also, i basically skipped all my lectures ever since the semester started. What happened to me?

I need to find a way to get back on track with my life somehow. Gonna go on a long long holiday back to malaysia and just relax myself. Hopefully that will bring me back to normal again!

I also just bought a new macbook air! So that means easier access to blogspot therefore more blogging? :D nahh, probably means more catching up on my ilectures! Have fun with life cynthia :( 

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