Tuesday, 27 November 2012


YAY! IT'S ME! Finally 18! wooohoooo, actually it has nothing to be so excited about. But being 18 means no more sneaking into clubs and lalalala to all the illegal stuff! Finally legall! :D so today, i thought it would be a very very lucky day and went to buy the first lotto ever in my life. I guess there is no luck for me today! How depressing, didnt even get a single number matched up the same as the results! :(

Anyways, i had a very very awesome day celebrating my birthday! Everything was just sooo good except for the weight gaining part! How much do i wish i could just eat all i want and not gain weight! Is that even possible? LOL i just love food so much and obviously im fat enough already! So, sorry body! :( My birthday wish is that i could eat and still stay skinny forever! Please come trueeeeeeee my wishhh! :D hehehehhe.

Now that the fun its over, its gonna be a super super busy week! There will only be work work work this week! But it's okay, IM GOING BACK TO SIBU IN 1 WEEK! That means seeing that special someone that i've been missing for a very very long time! Somewhat excited! :) I guess, when you're busy, time flies even faster right? Sooooooooo pleaseeee, i wish that time could pass a little quicker cause i really cant wait! :D

Okay, bedtime now! I had such a great time today though, actually i kind of not wanting this day to end! Im so glad that there are some really really awesome people in my life! There are just that few people that have been celebrating many many of my birthdays together already! I really love you guys! Super glad these people even exist in my life! :D And lastly, i shall wish myself happy birthday! So, happy 18th birthday Cynthia, hope you'll stay happy everyday for the rest of your life! :D  hehehehe

Goodnight people! :) xoxo

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