Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Chanced up upon my blog and realised more people viewed my blog than what i expected. I really thought no one is gonna view this dead blog ever again, but i was actually kind of surprised! So maybe i should blog more often again?
Lately i've been mixing into this Chinese Society a bit too much, so maybe blogging again will help me improve my english by a little hopefully! BUT EXCUSE MY SHITTY ENGLISH! And just enjoy reading my blog maybe? :) Thanks mwuahh!
But i realised nowadays people are actually blogging less and less right? Since theres something call Instagram. Well cause i looked through my friend list and seems like all my friends haven't been updating their blogs either!
Well but the thing is, every time i told myself to blog more often, the usually thing is, it never actually turn up that way. HAHA! Turned up that the next blog post appeared six months later D; Sorry for not keeping promises!
Well i hope i will post up another blog post soon somewhere this month kay! I LOVE YOU TO EVERYONE THAT ARE STILL READING THIS BLOG mwuah mwuah mwuahhhh! x